oh happy day (kidkai) wrote in thequestionclub,
oh happy day

I want to see a movie but I don't know what to see. I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close the other day so anything will probably seem crappy in comparison. I'm looking at The Darkest Hour, Sherlock Holmes and New Year's Eve. I'd put Mission Impossible on the list if I thought I could watch Tom Cruise in a movie without my mind screaming "Crazypants!" through the whole thing. I might go for The Adventures of TinTin. Maybe. TQC, what should I see??

Is anyone else ruined on Tom Cruise?

Is there anyone you can't watch in a movie/tv show and put aside their real life self from their character?

Randomly, do you watch WWE? If so, who do you thing 1-2-12 is?
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