fried plantains (tostones) wrote in thequestionclub,
fried plantains

ex dramllama

my most recent ex (we broke up in may of 2006!) is apparently still on my parents' cellphone plan (long story; why isn't important). anyway, he was a total douchebag and when we broke up (he dumped me), once he was done calling me begging me to take him back, i ceased communication with him completely, so i have not heard from him or spoken to him in any way in five and a half years. this past thursday he called my old phone number (which is still activated because it was cheaper to pay the bill than to pay the cancel fee) and left a message along the lines of "please call me back, my number is blahblahblah". when he couldn't get a hold of me (because that phone is never on), he called my mom, who didn't answer because she was in another room, so then he called my dad's phone (persistent much?) and spoke with my mom. from what i gather from her, he said something along the lines of "realizing what he did to me was really wrong" and wanting to apologize. the ball's now in my court - i can call him back and let him say whatever the hell it is he thinks he needs to say, or i can ignore his ass forever.

complicating things: i think he might be going through AA and at the step where he has to apologize to people he's hurt in the past. (or he could just be crazy and suddenly want to be a part of my life again, idek). also, if i DO call, it would be on the old phone so that he doesn't have my new number and won't be able to contact me once the old number is shut off in april.

what would you do? would you call him back? my husband thinks i should and wants to hear wtf this guy has to say. i want to hear wtf he has to say, but i was hoping for a juicier voicemail than what it was so that i'd have more information going into it.

dk/dc: what's your favorite type of waffle?
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