Lowering the IQ of the whole street (joecool_lemming) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lowering the IQ of the whole street

Dog experts of TQC, HELP ME. I'm dog-sitting a French Bulldog right now. He threw up a tiny amount yesterday but has otherwise seemed completely fine. Today, we were playing with a dog toy and he stopped a couple of times to rub his face on the floor. When he got closer, I saw that his eyeball was swollen up. Not his eye socket, but the actual eyeBALL. There's a lump of eyeball sticking out of the corner of his eye socket. 

His vision seems fine and he doesn't seem to be in pain or anything but I'm freaking out. My SO is coming home soon and said he'll take the dog to the vets if the swelling isn't down by then, but is there anything I can do in the meantime? What's wrong with him? I am freaking out, I don't want to break the dog. 

EDIT: And now the swelling has completely disappeared, his eye is just a bit bloodshot in the corner. I am so confused. 
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