HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dating mentality

Does anyone else have the mentality that they don't want to date in fear of breakups or that that person will exit your life?  I just...value people in my life, and generally if you date someone, you'd eventually break up and then become strangers again; it just seems so unnecessary and not worth it to date to me, so that's why I'd rather be good friends with guys because that lasts longer.  But this could just be coming from the perspective of someone who just got out of her first real relationship...

I feel like I'm the only one sometimes, especially seeing how people tend to be so quick to say that you should cut off contact with your exes...it's just, I would rather have not dated and have stayed close friends with them rather than break up...kwim?

Feel free to counter this thinking if you strongly don't agree with it; it's be nice to gain more perspective and maybe actually be open to dating again.
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