speechiepants (speechiepants) wrote in thequestionclub,

Christmas reading

I know there have been other book posts in this community, so if you would prefer to just put the link to one of those posts, I would be very pleased, but...

What's everyone reading right now? Can you give some recommendations for books you think I should read?

I'm on holidays for two weeks, and I plan to 1) nap, and 2) read. I just re-read the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, and I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I don't like lots of violence or horror. I do like (auto)biographies, historical fiction, and really, any other kind of fiction that's not based around romance. Some of my favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Lamott, Chaim Potok, and Maeve Binchy. Suggestions?
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