thumpin' like this (fettered_free) wrote in thequestionclub,
thumpin' like this

ow ow ow

I get canker sores quite often, but usually I only get them one at a time, and they're never too painful. I usually just gargle with salt water and take some vitamin c when I get one, and it goes away without too much pain.

But at the moment... UGH. I have five of them in my mouth right now and they're all huge and they hurt like a bitch. Salt water gargles aren't helping.

I'm aware of most the remedies for canker sores (hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, etc), but I haven't tried most of them. So, my question is, what helps the most?

And it has to be something I can find in my house or purchase for under $7. Also, going to a doctor at this moment isn't an option.

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