queensj (queensj) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. If someone has a portable oxygen tank with a nasal cannula, what do they do at night? Do they have a larger oxygen tank at home? Do they just keep the nasal cannula on or wear a larger oxygen mask?

2. The grad school I'm applying for says the TOEFL is required for all foreign students. What if these students are from England/Canada/another English speaking country?

3. I found a card catalog to buy! It is in Bar Harbor Maine. I'm going to stay overnite in Ellsworth ME as all the hotels in Bar Harbor seem to close for the winter. What will be open on January 1-2? Is there anything to do there?

4. Are you good at spotting mistakes in movies?
I'm not at all but I find a lot in books. Also the grammar in these Katy Perry lyrics bothers me

"Iwould make you stay, So I don't have to say, You were the one that got away."
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