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Okay, I have this friend...we met via LJ, and we both go to the same college. We hung out last spring, then she went home last summer, then went to Spain last fall to study.

She came back in January, and she's dating this guy two states away, who she met online and they think they are in love and want to get married, and blah blah blah.

Frankly, I think she's full of it. I think it's a bunch of shit. I'm seeing someone I'm pretty happy with, despite it being an extrememy unconventional relationship, and I've pulled away from her because the guy I'm seeing is my best friend, and if I need something I'm going to go to him over her. Hell, I'm not even in this stupid wedding of hers, so I don't think I can be that good of a friend.

So since I'm sick of their stupid fairy tale, I've pulled away. Well now she's all griping about how I'm not letting anyone else into my life, blah blah, and that I shouldn't cut out my friends.

The only reason I cut her out is I can't stand her boyfriend. He's an idiot. All he talks about is how freaking great Indiana is, blah blah. ARGH!

She left me a long comment when I was trying to explain that my relationship isn't convention, and I knew she wouldn't freaking get it...

I'm just annoyed because she expects me to be a better friend, yet I feel like a placeholder for her closest friend back in her hometown, and she criticizes the guy I'm dating, but then posts all this crap about how much she loves hers. Just fucking save it, okay? I can't see how this trainwreck is going to work out.

So what do I do? Have it out with her, be honest and potent, or suck it up and make good? I just don't know if I can deal with it anymore.
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