Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you tell me about that special (those special?) and horrible family member(s) you have to put up with during ~the holidays~?

AND/OR, if you can, offer suggestions for dealing with them? Non-serious answers will probably relieve my stress on the topic just as much as serious ones. =\

I have an uncle who is an outright pissant. He orders his kids around constantly (one is 17 and the other is 14.) When I picked them up from the airport today, he says to his daughter in an unkind/fairly threatening tone of voice, "get in the car" without even letting her give me a hello-hug. This attitude is normal to him, even when no argument has occurred. When he wants his wife and son to make room for him on the couch, he waves at them angrily. If he's forced to say something, it's usually close to yelling. This is not common treatment on our side of the family. At ALL. His air is angry and hostile and unpleasant and disrespectful.

While we were watching TV, the topic of tattoos came up and he outright said, "they're trashy." And I was slightly offended, being that I have friends with tattoos, and want a tattoo, myself. It occurred to me that I do believe he's saying stuff like that to scare his daughter out of ever considering doing "such things". The amount of control he wants to have is scary and disgusting. And I want to have like a one-on-one therapy session with him for ever other word he says.

I'm so happy he's not my father, because even just seeing him today has me plotting ways to piss him off. If I were his kid, I would have so many tattoos by now.
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