aeila (aeila) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm getting a puppy soon-ish. I'm seriously considering the name Kate, b/c I love it. My husband says that would be a bad idea, because his sister is named Katherine, and Kate is derived from Katherine (I always thought it was from Katerina, but whatever), and it would upset his sister. Incidentally, his sister is never called Kate OR Katherine, she always goes by Kathy.

Is this a valid objection? I can understand not naming it by a name/derived name that somebody actually goes by...but she goes by a nickname that is completely different. Would it be inappropriate for me to name the puppy Kate? If I do, and SIL gets upset, should I change it, or just tell her to suck it?

DK/DC: Are you excited for present-opening? What holiday are you celebrating?
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