The Guerrilla Aesthete (grrillaesthete) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Guerrilla Aesthete

Help Me Pack!

I live in San Diego, and am leaving tomorrow for Yosemite for Christmas (YAY!). I need a coat, but can bring only one. The day temps should be between 40-51F (and it hasn't snowed yet). The choices are:

A) Ugly brown down lined Eddie Bower coat. SUPER warm, got me through several Chicago winters (before tapping out and heading west).

B) Black wool double breasted opera-length coat. It is missing the buttons for some reason. Still warm, even if I can't button it, though not as warm as coat A. Timeless and stylish.

C) Magenta wool pea coat. This is my "BRR IT'S 50F in SD" winter coat. Cute, but only hip length.

I have scarves, long underwear, warm socks et al. During the day we'll be walking around the park, though not doing any heavy duty hiking or survivalist shit.
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