Imaria (imaria) wrote in thequestionclub,

Although this is LJ related, it is also directly TQC related, so I think this is valid:

1. Who "owns" thequestionclub?

I ask because you need permission from the "owner" to submit communities to lj_spotlight, and I thought a public request might go across better ;]

2. Who else would want TQC linked from the front page via lj_spotlight?

I spend more time here than any other Lj community; I wouldn't mind sharing the joy. Besides, fresh blood never hurt!

If permission is given, information on how to submit is in lj_spotlight's profile.

EDIT: Errr....due to reaction, ne're mind that last part. I can recognize a bad idea when the survivors cry out in unison ;]
Tags: hickey removal, so meta it hurts
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