Melissa (roseofjuly) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey TQC.

For Christmas, me and my fiance were going to get his sister a small duffel from Vera Bradley. She's in college and she makes a lot of weekend trips home, so I thought it'd be perfect.

However, I just realized that I have a BRAND NEW Vera Bradley Grand Traveler in English Meadow. I bought it for myself originally, but I have literally never used it - I packed it once and decided it was too unwieldy for me. This would not be a problem for her because she has a car, so she wouldn't have to carry it through the streets of NYC like I would. It never even made it out of my bedroom. It's too bad because it is a really awesome, roomy bag that is great for overnight trips - and it's expensive.

Would it be tacky for me to give it to her instead?
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