Helena Handbasket (iguanasdefuego) wrote in thequestionclub,
Helena Handbasket

Dr TQC to the waiting room, stat!

So I am quite sick. The throwing up with diarrhea kind of sick. After I threw up everything (including the water my husband forced me to drink, bless him) I kept dry heaving. Eventually, liquid came up again that tasted like blood.

As I was puking without glasses and was only somewhat aware of what was happening (therefore did not actually see blood), do you think I need to go to the ER?

Last vom was about 2 hours ago with only very mild queasiness since. I feel find now, just exhausted and sweaty.

Also, I now have a plastic bag to use to check for blood. My life = disgusting.

To make up for it, here is a dramatic reading of "Sexy & I know it" by LMFAO.
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