Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in thequestionclub,

Video art/"Indie girl Gucci Mane cover"

I'm trying to remember the name of this weird video artist... young brunette woman, her work's from the 2000s, her videos are delightfully tacky and in one in particular a ladder appears in her home and upstairs there's an Enya dance party. Anyone? Bueller?

Alternatively, will you post a video by one of your favorite experimental film artists?

ETA: My friend is looking for a music video. His description is as follows:
"It's this Canadian musician (from Toronto?) who did this weird indie girl Gucci Mane cover. And the video involves her running down the street, half naked, with some weird black bird inspired mask/hat. And it's in reverse."
Ya'll know who this weird indie girl is?
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