Oka hoka noka mocha choka (blueyoshi22) wrote in thequestionclub,
Oka hoka noka mocha choka

Last week our neighbors stopped by with a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread, all nicely wrapped up in holiday cellophane and ribbon, and a ziploc bag containing some bread starter and instructions. We followed the directions and now it's time to bake the bread! The recipe will make 2 loaves, plus some more starter to give to more friends.

Question: Should we bake a loaf in the loaf pan that our neighbors gave us, and give it back to them, or was the pan part of the gift? Obviously it's more "neighborly" to give them some bread back, and we can always bake them some other treats as well. I just think that they might want their loaf pan back, but my brother thinks it was part of the gift.
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