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God Im so happy its ridiculous! *Hell freezes over.*

Okay, so I have a few questions, and I know Im going to forget some, but lets see how I do.

1)a) Have you ever seen Lord of the Dance? Did you enjoy it?
b)Any ideas of places where I could learn how to dance like that? I dont think a regular dance studio would offer Irish-stle tap & ballet dancing. Im so desperate to learn how to dance like that :) It would be so much fun.

2) Okay, you know the typical rich girl in the movie with her closet full of shoes. I hate shoes. So if I was rich, I would have a closet full of earrings. I LOVE EARRINGS more than anything. What would you have a closet full of?

3) In 2 weekends (the 14-17), Im going to Chicago. Ive been there once, and Im so excited now to go! My mom got my sister and me tickets for the closing night of Rent. Its her 18th birthday that night, so Im so excited I could cry. Where can I take her to eat? I want to take her out somewhere that night before we go, and Im looking for opinions of really good resturants that arent too expensive (IM BROKE!) So any suggestion works :) Thanks!

4)a) When you were in high school, did it bother you if you had no idea what you wanted to be and everyone else seemed to know?
b) When you were in high school, and you knew what you wanted to be, is it what you became? Did you have like, 200 different life plans made out for yourself?

5) Whats your favorite music genre? Season? Holiday?

God, I feel so good today :)
My mania is like 32894723948 times better. Need to be uplifed? Lol, go read my latest post (the only one really thats not friends only.) EEee :) Sometimes I feel like such a teenager :)
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