stayintru2me (stayintru2me) wrote in thequestionclub,

for the girls...

Well the ones on birth control at least...

My roommate and I were having a discussion about the time you take your birth control and how effective it is.

I know that taking your pill at relatively the same time every day ensures the best protection. I have an alarm that goes off at 10PM every night. However, there are times when I'm in the middle of something/too lazy to get up/driving/don't hear the alarm and don't take it until a little while later. My roommate says that for it to be most effective, it must be taken either 15 minutes before or after the regular time (ie: between 9:45 and 10:15). I say that it's a little bit more lax than that and there's about a two hour period to take it (Say from 9:00- 11:00).

I can't find any information in the package that comes with the pills about time limits, so I was wondering if the girls of the community (or any medical professionals) knew how long the time period was to make birth control pills most effective?

I'm on OrthoTriCyclen Lo if that makes any difference. And yes, I know I can call my doctor and ask, but I keep forgetting during normal business hours, lol.

Thanks in advance!
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