Oh, I... oh. I'd better go. (arrngingmatches) wrote in thequestionclub,
Oh, I... oh. I'd better go.

Pretend you are me, for curiosity's sake.

The state school 20 minutes away from your house where you know a half-dozen people,
the generic New England liberal arts school surronded by mountains but walking distance from a small (but cute) town,
or the hard-to-get-into arts school that's a half hour from Manhattan, but a slightly ugly campus, and walking distance from nothing?

(edit- I've been accepted to all three- Rhode Island College for Drama, Mass College of Lib Arts for Writing, SUNY Purchase for Dramatic Writing, and I should mention the RIC is a slightly ugly campus as well. I left their ranking slightly ambiguous, as I thought I would get into my first choice. Oh, well.)
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