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set of 10

What was the most recent ...

1) pic you looked at?
2) CD you listened to (or, last 12 tracks heard on your iTunes, MP3 player, etc)?
3) community you joined?
4) book you read/are reading?
5) person you spoke to?
6) thing you ate?
7) thing that made you laugh?
8) show/movie you watched?
9) place you visited that you hadn't been to before?
10) price you paid for gas (per gallon/liter)

1) This bunny!
2) Mad About Cartoons (classical music featured in cartoons. SUCH a great CD)
3) one_happiness - found on today's LJ spotlight page.
4) reading The Search by Iris Johansen, just finished The Art of Fiction by Ayn Rand.
5) my neighbor
6) roast beef sandwich, fresh fruit and a pickle
7) That bunny picture :)
8) last night's LOST
9) visited the Everglades (in Florida) two weeks ago
10) paid US $2.65/gallon. It cost me ten more bucks to fill my tank this time as opposed to two weeks ago.
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