Sabrina. (ahiddenbird) wrote in thequestionclub,

In what ways are you "unconventional", if at all? 

Which of your parents do you resemble most in terms of appearance (pics?)? How about in terms of personality?

Do you like strong-tasting food/drinks?

I can't think of too many ways that I'm unconventional...I'm a vegetarian, I'm in a relationship with someone 14 years my senior, I like my coffee black with no sugar. Those are all I can really think of :)

I look more like my dad. Long-limbed, angular (whereas my mom is more of the curvy, pear-shaped persuasion, as is my sister). Personality wise, I'm more similar to my mom, but I'm also a lot like my dad :)

I really like things with strong flavors: black coffee, mulled wine, olives, garlic, many pickled things and strong, stinky cheeses. Not a recipe for the best breath, but I keep gum and mints around always!
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