Milhent (milhent) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is anyone here familiar with good old children's fairytales? I am reading 'The Fairy Godmother' by Mersedes Lackey, and I am a bit confused. Here is an excerpt:
Shelves lined the walls, floor to ceiling, and there were objects carefully arranged on them. But what odd objects! A cap made of woven rushes. A fur slipper, but quite the smallest that Elena had seen, clearly made for an adult woman, but the size of one meant for a child. A knitted tunic that was made of some coarse, dark plant fiber. A golden ball. A white feather.

Obviously, all those items are from different fairytales, but I can't recognize first two. A knitted tunic is from 'The Wild Swans'. A golden ball is from 'The Frog-Prince', White feather ... ok, this sounds familiar, but I can't remember it too.

[eta] White feather is from 'Lily and the Lion' - Russian version is completely different, so I would have never made a connection.
cap made of woven rushes is from 'Cap-o'-Rushes', and I didn't even heard about this tale.
fur slipper is still open for ideas - it could be from a very old version of 'Cinderella'
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