jen (witchbabywigg) wrote in thequestionclub,


Explain die-hard sports team fans to me.
How can you claim allegiance to a single sports team? A team is just a bunch of constantly changing people wearing the same uniform. Any team's performance and members changes drastically from year to year.
Is it just that uniform they love?

This question is inspired by the Maple Leafs. I've lived in Ontario my whole life, and the Leafs hockey fever is crazy here. I've been surrounded by crazy fans and obsessive merchandising for all of my 26 years. I'm not a hockey fan, so i've never paid attention to statistics or scores. Since i see their logo somewhere every day, flip past their games every week and avoid sports bars in general, i just sort of assumed that since they're so popular they must be a good team....right?
I just found out (10 minutes ago!) that they haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. WTF. You must understand if I'm feeling a little lied to here, a little confused. With all the hype and crazy love i just assumed they were a good team.
I know they're one of the original 6 teams and have a lot of history. They're also one of the richest and most profitable teams in sports. ALL of their games are sold out every year. And yet they haven't won the playoffs in 40 years. What the hell is going on with these fans?
This is a world i know nothing about.
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