m1lkhoney (m1lkhoney) wrote in thequestionclub,

grad school

So, I got a BFA in photography in 2008 and I'm now applying to grad school. For library science.

Yeah, I know.

I'm actually pretty qualified for the program, but I have lost touch with a lot of my professors since I graduated several years ago. Do all of my recommendations have to come from professors, or can they come from others as well? I'm currently writing to one former professor, one person I studied under in a college mentorship program, and one person I worked with professionally (and know more personally). The problem is... I haven't studied library science before, so I have no way of getting recommendations from that field. The program has no prerequisites aside from a Bachelor's degree, but I'm still nervous. Still, I performed very well in school and professionally, so would that still be acceptable?
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