Kristina (memyselfandi87) wrote in thequestionclub,


I need a variety of people to answer this post, girls and GUYS alike. :) I am perfectly aware that there is most likely a really obvious answer, but I don't want to kid myself about this whole thing.
If this guy in one of my classes waited on me outside the door while I go through my normal put-my-notes-in-my-binder routine and my put-my-binder-in-my-bag routine, does that mean something? Even if we walk together for about a minute and a half, and he's bragging on a grade he got? What if the same person in question gave me a semi-audible "Bye" when he had to leave last class early (in the middle of a lecture) because his grandmother's in the hospital? Does that mean something? How about if in the class before that he waited on me again, then we walked together for about a minute and a half before we went our separate ways? Does that mean something?
Like I said, I don't want to kid myself over this, and I want some opinions!! :)

x-posted to my personal journal.

EDIT: Perhaps I should mention that we actually sit together in class, and that we dated briefly before he broke up with me. We remained friends, and he NEVER did the whole waiting-outside-the-door thing, even while we dated. Does that change things?
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