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Already asked on whatwasthatone, no conclusion.

Anybody know this movie?

This movie I remember watching on TV with my parents probably in the late nineties, though it could've been created before then. I will never forget it. It freaked the shit out of me. It was a very Lifetime-ish movie, (& may have actually been from Lifetime) I don't recall whether it was some made-for-tv movie or not. It was about an old woman who never spoke. She was petite and delicate and I remember a scene where she was at a train station. I don't remember if the train scene was from the beginning or end of the movie. But anyway, she was visiting her family or something. And there was a young boy, her relative I believe, who would always talk to her and take her around and dress her up in lots of pink. I remember him being at the train scene. In the movie, there would be flashbacks to her youth. There was one where it pretty much explained her traumatization. She was a teenage girl at some carnival or fair, and an older teenage boy who I believe to be her cousin and his friends took her into this wood-y area away from the festivity. Her cousin got her by a lake/pond/some area of water and repetitively dunked her head into it while laughing. It was awful. This did something to her and that's why she didn't speak. And I'm 99% sure that her name was Jessica, because that's my name and that's why this scared the living shit out of me. It was very dramatic and creepy.
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