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On behalf of someone who needs life/career advice

Imagine you were in the position of a recent graduate from a master's degree program. You have a standing job offer from a decent company. It's not exactly what you want to do, but the pay is nice. You'd have to move 1500 miles away from your S.O., and it's a contract position. The company says there's a good chance you might get hired full time, but for now, no benefits of any kind, and no guarantees of contract length.
You are also interviewing with some other companies. They're much more important companies in your field and you like their products and work environment much more. You've met the leads of the department you're working in in person, and seemed to click well. However, you've been going through the interview process with them for some time and they have yet to make an offer.

Bills are piling up, and you need money soon. The first job wants a response to their offer by c.o.b. Friday. Do you take the job you don't want as much and move across the country knowing you might ruin your chances to work somewhere you like more? Or do you hold out for the possibility of a better job, and run the risk of having to go be a barista or something if it doesn't work out?

What's the last really hard life decision you or someone close to you has had to make? How did it work out?
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