Blah Blah Blah (shweetnettie13) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blah Blah Blah

Yesterday I got onto an elevator with a guy that works in my building but that I've never spoken to before. He was on my level to begin with because smokers have to come down to the basement level to get outside. I was leaving for the day, he was going back up to his office.

We had this exchange in the elevator:

Him: *pushing his floor button, and reaching for the lobby button* Let me guess, you're going to make me stop on the lobby level to let you out, aren't you?

Me: I am. Sorry about that.

Him: That's alright. I probably smell like smoke and a whole host of other things at this point and it probably isn't that pleasant to be stuck with me in this elevator anyway. (And seriously, his breath reeked of coffee like whoa).

Me: polite smile

Him: But, don't worry. I won't pull a Jim Carrey on you! *laughs*

wtf did he mean by that? Cause the only Jim Carrey thing I can think of is when he's in the elevator with the lady with big boobs in Liar, Liar and he's all "mama!" and makes suckling noises. If that's the case, this is sorta creepy, no?

Is there another Jim Carrey moment I'm not thinking of? Please tell me there is a non-creepy moment out there that pertains to this.
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