Isabel (pyrrhicvictory) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok. Need ideas. How do I make my cat stop unraveling a whole roll of toilet paper on top of his shits?

The cat box is right below the toilet paper holder. I can't move the box. I can't get a covered box. I can't install another TP holder away from the box. I will probably get a standalone TP holder later, or SOMETHING, but I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion to deter my stupid cat from doing this at least temporarily. Usually I've put double sided tape on stuff I don't want him to fuck with, but it's toilet paper! I already tried putting the roll on backwards, he figured that one out. I have guests coming soon and I just want to be able to put toilet paper on the holder instead of the counter.

Also, yeah, my cat covering his poos with toilet paper was hilarious at first, but the novelty has worn away quickly.
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