saya_cintamu (saya_cintamu) wrote in thequestionclub,

amtrak question: does anyone know how the point system works for guest rewards? it says i have 1264 points credited to my account, and when i click on my account page it says i have ~750 "rail points." when i go to the redeem section, i am allowed to redeem my points for a "coach class reserved/unreserved" under "special routes" that is worth 1,000 points. i plan on going to penn station from harrisburg this saturday, but before i spent $104 to buy my ticket, i am curious if i can get a discounted fare or even free fare either to or from the city. does anyone know what a "special route" is? it doesn't say on the website, at least not where i've been looking. any help would be great before i spend the money!
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