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Advice on Religion vs Responsibility

The details: My grandpa died on Monday. My family is Catholic. My grandparents are very active while my parents are not. I am an atheist. I am not opposed to going through the motions for the sake of my family at this time although I do not feel the need to say goodbye or pay my respects in a formal setting. There are visitation hours tonight and tomorrow which I will not be attending. There is a rosary tomorrow night for him. It will be less than an hour including coffee afterwards with family from out of town and probably lots of people I don't even know. The funeral is Saturday morning where I will be sitting through a full Roman Catholic mass, then acting as a pall bearer and then lunch with aforementioned family.

The Question: Should I go to the rosary? My mother made sure that I knew that I was not required to be there but that it would be nice. I know that my family would appreciate it, but it is certainly not something that I would like to do. I need to weigh how much my family will appreciate this with how much I will hate it, keeping in mind how much I'm going to be putting myself out on Saturday. (In case it matters I am an adult (25) with two kids and I live on my own.)

EDIT: My family knows that I am not Catholic or religious in any way. After reading some of these comments I think that the real question is, do you think that my going would actually show support for my family or would it appear... forced? That's not the right word, but I know that if I were religious and my Catholic family were to participate in a Pagan or Baptist or what have you ceremony for me I would not see it as support but as them denying what they truly feel to give the illusion of support. Of course I love my family and want to be there for them.
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