queensj (queensj) wrote in thequestionclub,

Controlling Kids

I work at a library & run two book clubs there where we discuss the books then do a related craft. (Girls ages 6-10). Usually they get a bit loud during the talk but sometimes, like today, they were literally screaming (high pitched screams), yelling over each other, jumping on the storytime pillows, and had popcorn all over the floor (which I made them clean up). I told them multiple times to get off the pillows and quiet down. I understand they just got out of sitting in school all day and I do want it to be fun but they are so incredibly poorly behaved. Individually, they're nice kids but together they are a nightmare.
Do teachers get training for this sort of thing?
What should I do to control them?

I'm emailing the parents and I think I am going to require them to sit in on the meetings from now on. The club was originally started as mother/daughter but the mothers just never stayed. They hang out in the library but not in the room.
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