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Make life choices for me and my family!

My husband wants to get a Master's degree in something, but he's not sure what. He wants to get a Master's in political science, which I say in Richmond, VA (where we own a house, so we're stuck here for a while) is not very useful. What's a more useful degree for someone to have that I could suggest to him?

-He has a BS in Anthropology with a minor in music, because this was before that whole recession thing where having a marketable degree became Even More Important
-I am getting a Master's in library and information science, which he does not want (fair 'nuff, less competition for me), so that's off the table
-He'd need to make 40k+ after obtaining said degree. Anything less than that would make it financially unreasonable to pursue said degree.

Do you have any additional advice? Ideas? Anecdotes?
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