Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, here's the situation I'm in:

My boyfriend Chris' best friend Jack has been dating my best friend Rita for 4 months now.
They met eachother soon after Chris and I started dating, when I brought her along to one of Chris' parties and we introduced them. They've been dating for 4 months now, and Chris and I for 5 months, so it's pretty cool because us four all get along great and hang out alot, etc. There's never been any conflict between anybody so far, which is lucky when you consider two best friends dating two other best friends.

On a side note I really like Jack as a person, and if I wasn't forced to like him on two counts (1.The boyfriend's best friend, 2.The best friend's boyfriend) I would honestly like him anyways. He's a cool guy, despite his apparant insecurity. So I don't wanna be a biznatch about this. Anyways..

So Chris called me yesterday, and around the middle of our conversation he says:
"Oh, I have to ask you to do something for Jack." - Chris
"What's up?" - Me
"Jack wants to ask Rita to move in with him, but he doesn't know if she'll think it's too soon or where she stands on it. So can you do some investigation and mention the idea to her and see what she thinks?" - Chris

This is the guy who pulled me aside to tell me that he wanted to say "I love you" to Rita on Valentines Day, and did I think it was a good idea or too soon?, etc. You get the idea.

I do not think it's right for me to "investigate" and ask her what she thinks about moving in with Jack, only to then turn around and pass the info to Chris to tell Jack. Absolutely no.
And furthermore, if they aren't close/comfortable enough with eachother to just talk about it, and Jack needs to play games when it comes to serious decisions, maybe they aren't ready to move in together (but that's besides the point, and just my opinion)

Here's my question: What's the smartest thing to do here, while staying on good terms with everybody?
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