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Sorry this is so lengthy but I'm looking for opinions...

Would this piss you off??!...

So this semester I'm taking one online class. It is an English class. My professor has been having health issues and has been VERY illusive since about week five of the class. We are now on week 13 and there has not been much improvement on her availability / accountability. I can sense on the class forums that I am not the only one frustrated. Of course we all want her healthy and in good spirits and we are trying to keep questions to a minimum. I can tell that everyone is trying to be understanding because of her situation.

Today one of the two online tutors posted this to the class:

Topic: FYI

I just thought I would let all of you know something that I have noticed reading through everything being posted on here.

In a normal class setting, you see your teacher during class, you may drop by during office hours once or twice during the semester, but that is about it. In an online class, it is easy to post questions that you normally would not end up asking in a face-to-face class because the teacher is not so readily accessible. This is one of the benefits of an online class, but at the same time it becomes easy take advantage of this and end up asking questions that you can find out on your own, posting questions about every little trivial thing, etc. All of this ends up taking a lot of extra time from the teacher. Online classes already require a lot of extra time from the teacher; this only makes it worse. Some things you need to ask, some things I think you could do a better job of using your common sense on first. Kate Green is one of the greatest English teachers at this school. She works very hard, and puts in more time and effort into her classes than she is required too. Having been in her classes before and tutoring for her a number of semesters now, I am getting the impression that you are expecting a little too much from her.

Michael (tutor)

Is it just me OR AM I FLIPPING PAYING FOR THIS CLASS?! Go get brownie points somewhere else, Mr. Michael. She may be one of the greatest English teachers at this school but if she can't hang in there with us then she needs to find a solution.

So do you think this kid is just a crock or am I missing something here? Honest opinions (so I'm sure that might mean rude ones too).

P.S. If he has an lj or by any chance is in this community...BIG WHOOP.
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