God Fearing Lesbian (grimalkinrn) wrote in thequestionclub,
God Fearing Lesbian

Renting Textbooks for an Ipad

I'm going back to college for my eventual Doctorate in Nursing, and hopeful, FNP license. I am looking into getting an Ipad and renting books for the Ipad instead of buying the physical book. Have any of you done this? How has it worked out for you?

Don't know/don't care... what annoying thing does someone else's pet due to you on a regular basis?

My husband's black dog likes to sleep right where I need to walk to the bathroom at night. I've nearly fallen a hundred times. I'm trying to train her to sleep on his side of the bed, but she is determined to sleep over here. My husband thinks I'm being cruel. I just don't want to fall down. Her behaviors are making me NOT a dog person.
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