GENENINAH - because becky can't spell (mrshannibal) wrote in thequestionclub,
GENENINAH - because becky can't spell

in going thru my f'list here on lj, i check to see who's removed me from their f'list, and who has not...if i'm removed - then i delete them from mine...courtesy thing...or perhaps they've deleted their entire lj, in which case - why still have their name around?
so, i'm going thru the list and find one that's removed me and it truly struck me because i thought this person and i had grown close...both in lj and IRL...i mean - it just came as a complete and total shock...
usually an ljer will drop me a line and ask me to remove them from my list and that's fine...i wish them luck and remove them...
but this time - well, it just hurt...
i mean - i didn't stalk them w/"why did you do that?" and "did i do something to make you do that?" or "what's your problem?" kind of thing, but i was troubled and a little pained...this person had been there thru some heavy duty crap i was going thru and wow...we've gone back and forth w/support for one another - thru our own trying times, as well as good times and what nots...
still, i have to put it into perspective - perhaps there's tons of stuff going on IRL on their part that has nothing to do w/me or lj...perhaps life became too complex and such to be bothered w/on this end...
this person is still in my thoughts and prayers...
but fuck

so my question is:
has this happend to you?
how did it make you feel?
have you done this to someone else?
when chosing to remove someone from your f'list, what do you do?
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