queensj (queensj) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dr. TQC!

In the US can you elect to have a c-section? (not pregnant, just wondering).

My dr keeps switching my anti-depressants because they either don't work at all or give me horrible side effects. It's been a year of this after a long term med stopped working. Should I consider weaning off and just taking a mood-stabiliser with no anti-depressants? [ETA: I see this dr about once every two weeks & wouldn't go off meds without supervision.]

Non-Medical. I got my first credit card 2.5 years ago. I have had three unrelated problems since then. (One month, no payments sent from my bank went through, one was my card number was used in Maryland, and now this payment company keeps trying to charge me monthly for a class that I quit. I changed the credit card number but there is one dispute that hasn;t been resolved. And they're saying if I don't give my new card number they're goina to sue me. ) Should I just get rid of the card so these thing stop happening?
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