basementape (basementape) wrote in thequestionclub,

Short version of question: would a reputable retailer of laptops be required to state if the laptop they're selling online is refurbished, or is it possible to be duped into buying one?

Long Version: I want to buy a laptop for my fiancee for christmas and I may be doing so online. I've found two that I like. One is $298 at Walmart, the other is $329 at Staples. For what they are, and for my budget, they seem like very good deals. Similar laptops at best buy, future shop etc. seem to be more expensive. Generally, if I see a laptop on bestbuy or future shop for 300 bucks, it usually says in big bold letters REFURBISHED. So the fact that I'm getting such a deal at Walmart and Staples makes me wonder if there's any way that I could unknowingly buy one refurb'd. I feel as though Walmart and Staples are big enough companies that they probably wouldn't bother with being sneaky like that, but then again what do I know.

I realize I could always contact customer service but I just wanted to see if there were TQC'ers with expertise in this matter. Plus it's and excuse for me to peruse TQC which I havn't done in a while.

EDIT I went with the staples one. Additionally, I got it delivered to my nearest store, as well, so when I do pick it up I can ensure it's exactly what I want, or return it.
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