Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

grab bag

Every year for Christmas on my dad's side of the family, we do a grab bag for the adults. The price limit is $40 per gift. About 20 people participate, from college students to elderly, but most people are middle-aged parents. It's a struggle as you can imagine to pick out a good gift that people would want and could use. The popular ones tend to be gift cards or alcohol of some sort. Our rules say when it's your turn, you can either open up a new gift or take someone else's. The person whose gift was swiped has to choose a different one, etc, and this can lead to much hilarity, so it's more fun when the gifts are good.

So, tqc, I'm out of ideas. What should I bring to the grab bag? $40 limit.

Do you do a grab bag / white elephant with your relatives? How does that generally go?
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