GRANDJUGGERNOTTIR (reginald) wrote in thequestionclub,

dear questionclub...

i am not reginald, i am franklin. i am reignald's older and much more awkward sibling. don't let reignald's awesome demeanor fool you, none of that shit came from me.

in breaking news: i like this person. we'll call them derp. derp is super nice. derp & i carpool as we both work pretty close to one another, and we live pretty close to each other also. derp & i have also been fooling around for someodd months, but we aren't "boyfriend/girlfriend".. however we might as well be, as i have a key to derp's car, and derp tends to buy me things, and i tend to sleep with derp when the opportunity arises. derp let me use the car yesterday to drive out of town for a work function. i wanted to give derp money for gas, but derp never accepts my gas money. derp has also asked me to not put gas in the car. i got the bright idea to hide money in derp's car.

fun fact: i learned today it's "unnecessary" (derp's words) to pay back.. and to not do so.

why won't derp accept my cash, qc? derp doesn't have a problem letting me buy food for us, or smoke us out, or buy skyrim game guides for derp & friends.. but.. derp doesn't want my $20?

franklin needs yo help.
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