Sabrina. (ahiddenbird) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you know anyone who shows off about being/doing something that most people wouldn't show off about? I know this is awkwardly worded, so here are some examples:

I know a lady who sort of takes pride in her unhealthy eating habits. Any time someone brings up healthy eating/healthy food, she scoffs about how those foods have "no flavor" and goes on about all the salt/sugar/fat laden things she eats and how she really ENJOYS her food.

I also know someone who always brags about how messy her house is and how she never washes her bedsheets. She acts like shes just SO busy and has SO much on her mind that she doesn't have any time for the mundane stuff the rest of us worry about.

Do you know people who do this? Am I wrong for finding it annoying?
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