ASH (galerian_ash) wrote in thequestionclub,

Batman #222 (June 1970)

My uncle is obsessed with the Beatles, and has quite a huge collection of memorabilia. It's usually impossible to find him a gift related to the band that he doesn't already own, so I was rather thrilled when I realized that there was an old issue of the Batman comic that (sorta) featured the Fab Four. There is no way in hell he has that, and he might not even be aware it exists!

Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere to buy it -- and time's ticking, if I am to get my hands on it before Christmas. I've tried and a few other places, plus; the few auctions on eBay and such are going for way more than I can afford; and I live in Sweden, which is sadly bereft of comic book shops.

Does anyone out there know where I can find it? Please just keep in mind that I can't afford to pay a whole lot (which means I'm looking for low-grade copy), and I need whatever seller you find to be willing to ship internationally. A million thanks in advance!

ETA: I'd need the total cost to be around 30 dollars.
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