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Has anyone here ever hired a cleaning service? Or work for a cleaning service? Tell me a bit about it?
I am currently looking in to hiring a house cleaner to come once a week and am debating whether to go with either:
a) well known company
b) private single cleaner

I would prefer to have a long term relationship with someone who does basic house cleaning on their own, so I liked the idea of a private person who just comes in, and id be totally fine with hiring a student (or whomever) to come in to help them make extra money. I just want basically vacuum, clean toilet, clean bathtub, clean countertops, done. My house is very small. I am just a bit concerned obviously about dealing with the possibility of someone stealing/wrecking/etc. I have a lot of expensive equipment for my job that I really cannot afford to lose or have messed up by spilled cleaners, similarly, my SO owns the house so I do not want to have a potentially ruined carpet/hardwood/wall (or whatever) and have to fix it out of pocket.

If you have been or have hired someone for this, what kind of questions did you ask? What were you looking for? What should I look out for in a person? I also have a dog who would be kennelled when they were there-if anyone knows/is/was a cleaner, is this a bad thing? Will cleaners not clean in places where the dog is present? Do you think it would cause any other problems im not thinking of? She is a bully breed so i suppose when shes older may be intimidating, but right now is a puppy..
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