saya_cintamu (saya_cintamu) wrote in thequestionclub,

tech help!

last night i was on my laptop using wireless and at about 10pm it cut out. i tried trouble shooting and all that, and also tried connecting to another wireless connection, but it won't let me do so. it says to "investigate router or access point issues," but my wireless was working perfectly fine until last night. i don't use a major internet provider - my landlord has his own internet set up which my SO also has, but his internet is working just fine. typically it will stop connecting when i have to pay for the month long access, but this time it won't even bring me to the paypal page to do so - i can't connect to any wireless connection at all. any ideas on what i can do? oh and i have a sony vaio - if that matters.

iphone users: do you ever get told old texts you have sent are resending? or have you had trouble with texts not sending right away/taking a long time to send. it seems that my texts have lately been riddled with the angry red exclamation point next to attempted texts.

clearly technology is not my friend.
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