_onekillwonder_ (_onekillwonder_) wrote in thequestionclub,

From unemployed …to so many options!

So…I have a laid back job at a local farm, taking care of horses and doing riding lessons. It’s seasonal and won’t pick back up until March or April again. 20-ish hours a week @ $7.25 an hour.

While the horses are up on the mountain for the winter, I got a ‘permanent’ part-time job at the mall in a cell phone accessory kiosk. There is internet access, I can wear what I want, eat on the job, and listen to my iPod. Wheee. 20-27 hours a week @ $7.25

To get a new apartment, I want to take on a second job. The Sprint/Radio Shack kiosk next to me has set up and interview with me for another ‘permanent’ part-time position and said as soon as my background check and credit check come back, I’m in for up to 32 hours a week @ $7.25 + any commission of a cell phone plan I sell.

Today when I went in for work…a third kiosk around me came up to me offering me an application. The job is sitting next to a bathtub display, making sure no one touches it for $8.00 an hour, 10-15 hours a week, plus commission if I convince someone they need a new bathtub.

What job(s) should I keep/take?
Experience with working your ass off/taking on too many hours?
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