onedotfour (onedotfour) wrote in thequestionclub,


Where can I write a review for an online vendor? I'm having a really bad experience w its been over a week since i ordered and they are just now shipping it, ive told them several times if it cant be here by 12/9 i dotn want it anymore and they didnt respond until 2/3 days later just to tell me it takes 2-5 business days to process an order so again i told them just cancel it, they ignore me again for 2 more days and now theyre telling me its shipped. i checked the tracking # they gave me but all it says is that a label has been created but it hasnt reached a UPS facility yet. Normally i wouldnt care so much but i need that costume for santacon on friday! :((( sorry for rambling im so upset.

Unrelated, i want to go to a british grocery store. what should i get there?
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