Modep (modestpictures) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone used melatonin to help regulate a sleep cycle? I read that on the bottle, but I heard from others it just helps you fall asleep.

Now that it's really dark in the winter, I'm sleeping in very late on the weekends and it's hard to wake up on the weekdays. I'm not going to bed later than usual; I'm just sleeping really late. So, my problem is not getting to sleep but waking up from it. Does anyone have any advice, other than just forcing myself to wake up? I've tried that by setting tons of alarms, but I just turn them all off and go to sleep, or if I do get up, I'll nap later.

EDIT: If anyone else has this problem, I found this paper that seems to say tryptophan and St. John's Wort work as well as light therapy.
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