allingoodtaste (allingoodtaste) wrote in thequestionclub,

Job prospects

My sister is thinking about going to pharmacy school and I'm studying to be an accountant.

Just curious, how is the job market looking for both areas? I've done a google search, and I'm getting a lot of hits with articles saying that there is a major pharmacist shortage, while on forums they are saying otherwise. However, that's not really a big enough search for me, so anyone who is studying or in the field, how is the job market?

Also, I did the same search for accounting, and I am getting barely any data on that. How is the job market for accountants?

We live in California in the Bay Area, so that's the San Francisco/San Jose/Palo Alto area.

DK/DC: What profession are you becoming? How is the competition in that area? If you are employed, how easy was it for you to get that job (assuming you are in your career path)?
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