Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone ever thrown themselves at your SO in front of you? How did u/your SO react?

My SO is a really talented dancer and last night at the club some girl came up to him and gushed about how she was in love with his dancing and how she couldnt stop staring and how she wa upset when he left the dancefloor. My SO was being nice but tried to divert the attention on to his friends by saying things like "Have u met so and so, hes a great dancer as well" but all she said was "oh i only saw you i didnt see anyone else". Lol i was so surprised how she wa throwing herself at him! When he mentioned i was his girlfriend she said i was really lucky etc etc and before she left she even said i love you, i love you! to my SO lol.

How would u have reacted? I was extreeemely shocked how strongly she was coming on to him and also really annoyed that she kept pushing it lol

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